ECOsmarte Technology

The ECOsmarte® technology is an option that represents the best non-salt, non-chemical water treatment alternative available on the market today. Our water treatment systems deliver bottled-water quality to your whole-house, yard, pool and spa, or is scalable for commercial applications such as public pools and spas, office buildings, cooling towers and water features, golf course and public space irrigation, beauty salons, hydroponic shops and water treatment plants just to name a few.

ECOsmarte® uses a proprietary process of copper ionization and electronic oxygenation, combined with the best multimedia filtration possible in every installation. The end result is clean, sparkling clear water for your home or business, hot and cold, inside and out.

ECOsmarte citywater_diagram1

* PLEASE NOTE: Extremely hard water (25+ grains or 425+ ppm calcium hardness) areas may not feel a significant difference in water softness with the ECOsmarte system (or any other electronic, magnetic or catalytic “softening w/o salt” process for that matter. If they say they can, they’re fibbing). If the feel of salt softened water is appealing to you, the ECOsmarte system will not be an acceptable hard water conditioning alternative in homes replacing a water softener. Our water treatment system still delivers the benefits of clean, great tasting water with contaminant removal and residual protection.

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