City Water Point-of-Entry System

ECOsmarte® has developed state-of-the-art point-of-entry water treatment technology. The system does not remove beneficial minerals the human body needs every day, just bottled-water quality to every faucet, showerhead, appliance and house bib in and around your home, hot and cold.


City Water System

IMAG0233Dual Media Whole House Point-of-Entry System

Granular activated coconut carbon and KDF® Process media in a MediaGuard device for proper backwashing in the filter tank with an automatic backwash valve which results in “0” user maintenance required.  The backwash process rinses itself with your own water about once a month with no brine discharge! Typical filter life is 10+ years. Treats all water at Point-of-Entry and provides bottled-water quality to every faucet, showerhead, appliance and hose bib in and around your home. The system can be moved from one home to another, but will definitely be a marketable selling point for any property on the market.


Residential (up to 1″ service) – $1,375

Residential Upgrade (1-1/4″ service) – $1,650

Light Commercial (1-1/2″ to 2″ service) – $1,995

(Installation is Typically Included)

ECOsmarte® offers a 60-day, money back guarantee, a full 5 year factory warranty and dedicated customer service.

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