Whole House Testimonials

It is a pleasure to write about our experience and enjoyment in owning our ECOsmarte unit.

It is comforting to know that the hard water from the local water supply will no longer be a problem for our pipes. Our home is built on a slab floor and the possibility of crusty pipes under our floors is a definite concern. We have always had a “salt” type of water softener and as Senior Citizens, my wife and I have always been concerned about the amount of sodium we have in our water. Now we have eliminated the hassle of carrying bags of salt, and are happy with the concept of no longer getting sodium in our drinking water. My wife has always complained about the “slimy” feeling of her skin after showers. That, too, is a thing of the past.

Roger Van Hatten

I can’t tell you how much my wife and I enoy our ECOsmarte Planet Friendly water system. Here in the desert of California, we have large amounts of lime and calcium in our water. But now we drink water from our faucets. That is a tremendous improvement. After washing the automobile if we didn’t wipe it down fast we had nothing but white lime and calcium spots over the car surface. Also when washing our clothes, they now come out of our washer cleaner and fresh. After bathing our skin is smoother and our hair is fluffy and soft and it combs much easier. Our life is much improved and more enjoyable. Thanks to your water system ECOsmarte.

Sincerely yours,
Everett W. Wood
Palm Desert, CA

Dear ECOsmarte,

We have had your whole-house water filtration system for 1 1/2 months. The water tastes excellent, our skin and hair feel soft and super clean, our laundry smells better than has in years. In addition, we love being able to drink from all sinks! We are now purchasing your Spa Water Treatment technology for our Swim Spa currently in construction. We had the water tested from National Testing Laboratories and test results were excellent. Thank you!

Nicola Jack
Malibu, CA

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