Health & Beauty Benefits

familyIf you avoid spending more than a few minutes in swimming pools because the water bleaches your hair, dries your skin and burns your eyes, then you need an ECOsmarte® 100% chlorine-free pool and spa treatment system.

Chlorine wreaks havoc on skin and hair, especially when you already have sensitive skin. It is designed to attack and destroy organic materials which is why it is the predominant disinfectant used for pool and spa sanitization, as well as by municipal water treatment systems. The chlorine in water chemically bonds with the protein in our bodies making hair brittle and skin dry and itchy. Chlorine strips the natural protective oils from skin and hair causing excess dryness, split ends and breakage of the hair shafts. It acts as an oxidizer to our hair color, especially if it is color treated.

A simple way to continuously care for your hair, skin and body is to drink and bathe in the best water possible. Water that is as clear and fresh as nature intended is an excellent beauty treatment for your skin and hair. With the ECOsmarte® whole house water treatment system you will love the taste, smell and feel of your water.

We waste millions of dollars each year on moisturizers and conditioners to fight dryness, sensitive skin, and dry, brittle hair. Why spend so much money and time on expensive beauty treatments and products, when the easiest, most effective thing you could do is improve the quality of your water?! When your shower water is the same quality as the bottled water you drink, the natural oils remain on the skin and scalp, and dryness is reduced.

moisturizers2The ECOsmarte® water treatment process does much more than just filter your water. More of your beauty products will be absorbed by your hair and skin, and thus give you more of the benefits they’re intended to provide. You’ll need less shampoo and soap to get clean, and no slimy, soap residue from your cleaning products will be able to remain on your skin.

With the ECOsmarte® state-of-the-art water treatment system, you will benefit from your purchase every day of your life. You will save money and the environment. If you don’t take it with you when you move, it will be a positive marketing feature of your home for every potential purchaser.

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