Spa Testimonials

Dear ECOsmarte:

We bought our spa 1 year ago. After using it for 4 months I developed a bad skin problem. Sores and painful itch haunted me every minute. We were ready to sell the tub when our dealer suggested the ECOsmarte system. Now the rash has gone away and we are once again enjoying our tub.

Gene M.

Dear Sirs,

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how pleased we are with our new spa with the ECOsmarte system that we just installed in our home.

Having had a spa in our last home, we know what an inconvenience it is to constantly have to deal with chemicals to keep the water clean. With a chemical system, you not only invest your time in maintaining the water quality, but you also have an additional financial investment for the chemicals and the hassle of having to go out and buy them.

Having the ECOsmarte system installed in our spa has saved us time and unburdened us of the constant chore of measuring and adding chemicals to our water. The added bonus that we have found is our skin is so soft! In the past we’ve noticed a drying effect the chemically treated water would cause, but with ECOsmarte, it is just the opposite. Our skin feels like we’ve just stepped out of a moisturizing bath.

Thank you for showing us the benefits of having an ECOsmarte system installed in our spa, we’ll never go back to chemicals again.

Tom LaCourt

Dear ECOsmarte:

I absolutely LOVE my new spa with the ECOsmarte system. My skin is so soft and smooth and my fingernails are strong and healthy. I love how easy it is to maintain. But most of all I like that there is no chlorine smell. We use the spa everyday and have shared it with many friends and neighbors, they all marvel at the purification system. I researched very carefully before making my purchase. I visited 7 different spa stores; I asked lots of questions and compared options. The ECOsmarte system was the best choice I could have made.

Kris Hanson

Attn: Rick, Larry & Jim

This letter is to express our pleasure with the ECOsmarte Spa system that was installed on our hot tub a few weeks ago. Since the installation, we have not had to use any bromine and the water has been crystal clear. The advantages that we have noticed thus far have been that the water is silky, our skin stays soft, there has been no reason to have to rinse off after getting out, our suits have not faded, and the water smells fresh – not like bromine.

Your installation crew was experienced, polite, and took the time to explain the system. They cleaned up their work site and they were expedient.

We will definitely recommend the ECOsmarte to anyone considering switching to a non-chemical system.

Thank you,
Tim & Angela Geyer


Before I found out about the ECOsmarte chlorine and bromine chemical-free hot tub system, I suffered from a skin rash caused from the chemicals in our hot tub. I slowed my use of the hot tub to once per week, but still suffered with the rash. One day we stopped at a store that advertised a chemical-free system on the store windows. After learning how the system works, we not only purchased the ECOsmarte system, but a new hot tub to go with the system. We have had our ECOsmarte system and new hot tub for 5 months and I use the tub every day without any problems to my skin.

The Millers

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