Golf Course & Public Area Water Systems


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ECOsmarte® Planet Friendly brings state-of-the-art water treatment technology to the golf course irrigation industry. We offer customized systems for every climate and soil condition. The system is based on ionization technology first used in the Apollo Space Program to deliver safe drinking water and control scale in cooling systems. ECOsmarte® has enhanced this technology with natural oxygen and uniquely configures it for each installation.

golfcourse1ECOsmarte’s® chamber exchange system and operating cost savings guarantee make it the most environmentally friendly, cost effective solution available to the golf course maintenance industry.

Our technology reduces the surface tension of water and leaves an ionic copper residual which is proven as a fungicide and anti-bacterial agent, effectively making the water “wetter” without any additives or wetting agents. The ECOsmarte® Turbo Irrigation system has no toxic discharges, does not harm equipment or the course in any way, and has demonstrated substantial savings on chemicals, water and electricity.

Our water treatment and filter systems eliminates and removes existing scale, automatically cleans emitters and sprinkler heads, has greater under canopy coverage and soil penetration, reduces drift, reduces chemicals including surfactant, kills algae, mold and other bacteria, and improves growth of all plant life.



ECOsmarte® Golf Turbo System installed at Canyon West Golf Club, Fort Worth, Texas

“The ECOsmarte system has given us our greenest grass ever, while virtually eliminating all sulfur, fungicide, nematicide and surfactant use. In fact, this year we even avoided the usual three time punching of our 18 greens. We have paid for the system in one year and we strongly recommend it.”

–  Stan Mickle, Mike Renfro
Canyon West Golf Club
Fort Worth, Texas

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